Read to Lead Series Ep 3 - Team Engagement

The final episode in this mini-series of three VLOGS is all about creating crucial moments that matter that will make your work place a positive one.

Rod Irwin
over 3 years agoMay 21, 2019
Hi Gary,
Nice work and thank you for the bites of management. Love that oxytocin!
Just one question: I'm interested in the negative matters poster. My understanding of neuroscience is that focusing on negative matters reinforces negative thought processes and emotions. The brain cell networks that drive negative behaviour become larger and more enduring. And the negative emotions generated by the negative matters further strengthen those networks. If your poster is "real", it suggests a fair bit is simmering in the background... :)
over 3 years agoMay 21, 2019
Great work Gary. Oxytocin (and Vasopressin - released under similar conditions)also have significant health benefits e.g. lower blood pressure!
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