Marketing Dentistry - Webinar 3

Mindset…Valuing Your Dental Work Well. Research suggests that veterinarians as a community struggle with a sense of self-worth and are notoriously bad at valuing their expertise, services and themselves! We will present three fundamental adjustments to one’s mindset in this webinar that will profoundly change results with ALL conversations pertaining to dentistry.

Sammy and Munroe
8 months agoJuly 2, 2020
Thankyou! This was interesting and the wording/terminology was spot on. The why not what, was passionate and had value, it kept us very interested in what you then had to say and our perception was much different, because of the point of view and value you had for the information. LOVEd the amazing grace example. cant wait to watch the next webinar. Cheer the nurses at Meadows Vet Centre.
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