Marketing Dentistry - Webinar 2

Week 2: Dental Economics…It’s a no-brainer! Dentistry represents one of the biggest opportunities for most small animal practices both in terms of patient outcomes AND financial performance. In this presentation we will uncover the typically missed opportunities and the financial potential they bring.

8 months agoMay 19, 2020
Is 60$ the fee for one xray or for all xrays in the first consulting?
Anne Graham
6 months agoJuly 28, 2020
bit confused re your Xrays - you charge $60 per plate ?? or $60 per set.
You say you do 10-12 films per week but we do at least 6 films per cat and 8 films per dog(1 dental ie dog should have at least 6-8 films if using CR7 plates ie L&R mandibular, L&R Maxillary, Mandibular & Maxillary incisors (DV views)so how does your charging work - does this mean average dog costs $340 to do full mouth xrays? many thanks Anne
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